BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Rockstar of the Week

aaliyah14Where to begin? Was it the low bang cooly swept over one eye? The effortlessly, comfortable baggy pants? The innovative choreography and music videos? The blissfully mellow soprano vocals? From her beautiful music down to her fly style, Aaliyah undoubtedly deserves the honor of being named Black Girls Rock!’s inaugural Rockstar of the Week. Eight years ago from yesterday, we lost this songstress, but we will never forget how Aaliyah reached the highest level of stardom without resorting to any vulgar, hypersexual images. Unconcerned with the popular adage “Sex Sells,” Aaliyah broke down multiple barriers while remaining true to her self. Current and budding female singers, take note.

Check out some of her videos below:

Vibe Interview:

Interview from her “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” Days:

Music Video: “Are You That Somebody?”

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One Response to BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Rockstar of the Week

  1. Kay says:

    Man, I miss that girl!
    her music will go on forever.
    i know it will on my playlist!

    i like the blog so far, keep it up!

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