Move over T-Pain. There’s a new rappa ternt sanga in the neighborhood, and guess what? No Auto-Tune required for this diva. Estelle–the winner of last years “Who Got Next” Award–may be internationally known for her 2008 smash hit “American Boy,” but there’s much more to her than one single. To start, this musical jack-of-all-trades also produces and writes many of her own songs. Plus, even though Estelle’s discography is only composed of two albums, 2004’s The 18th Day and 2008’s Shine, Estelle has quickly collected a number of  prominent awards, including a Grammy and a MOBO. When asked who her all-time favorite vocalists are, Estelle never fails to mention Missy Elliot & Mary J. Blige:

“I like female artists who show that women don’t have to strip off or compromise themselves to be recognised as musicians. I can match men head to toe.” [1]

So, how did a young woman from across the pond manage to dominate not only the UK, her mother country, but the United States as well? According to Estelle, she owes most of her success to her continuous hustle and drive. Fed up with what she considered a “glass celling” in the UK music scene, Estelle moved to the daunting city of New York, all on her own initiative. This gutsy move ultimately resulted in a chance meeting with Kanye West and, well, we all know how well that turned out (hint: “American Boy”.)

We here at BLACK GIRLS ROCK! INC. love Estelle for her unique style, solid vocals, and uncompromising attitude. Oh, and  did we mention that fierce hairstyle and lovely accent?? Bloody Brilliant!!

“You don’t have to compromise yourself as an artist. You just have to make the standard believable and relatable.” -Estelle [2]

Check out some of Estelle’s fab’ videos below:

Estelle “Wait A Minute (Just A Touch)”

Estelle feat. Cee-lo “Pretty Please”

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