The summer is quickly winding down which for some means cooler weather and colorful foliage. For us here at BLACK GIRLS ROCK!, fall denotes CRUNCH TIME. Yes readers, the 2009 BLACK GIRLS ROCK! AWARDS, our annual fundraiser, is right around the corner! For the past eight months, we have been on our grind non-stop, selecting honorees, confirming presenters and performers, and basically making sure this year’s awards show rocks like no other! So get ready for award updates and news galore. Check back here tomorrow, when we’ll begin announcing some of the fabulous attendees. In the meantime, here’s a full list of last years twelve honorees and the awards they received.

April Holmes: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Becoming Legendary” Award

Estelle: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Who Got Next?” Award

Bethann Hardison: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Shot Caller” Award

Pam Grier: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Living Legend” Award

IMAN: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Social Humanitarian” Award

Erykah Badu: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Rock Star’ Award”

Rachel Lloyd: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Community Service” Award

Nicole Paultre-Bell and Valerie Bell: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Monument” Award

June Ambrose: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Fashionista” Award

Khary Lazarre-White: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Soul Brother # 1” Award

Keyshia Cole: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Soul Sista” Award

Dj Cocoa Chanelle: BLACK GIRLS ROCK! “Dj Jazzy Joyce” Award

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One Response to SHE ROCKS! AWARDS EDITION: The 2008 Wrap-Up

  1. Kay says:

    wish i could be there!!
    keep up the work!!

    p.s- awards compliment the receivers so well! nice job on choosing the candidates!


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