BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Rockstar of the Week

As a child, you’re often asked what you want to do when you grow up. 11 year-old Amiya Alexander of Detroit, Michigan wants to become a Dancing Obstetrician, but she’s not waiting for adulthood to make her dreams come true. As a matter of fact, Alexander’s resume already rivals that of many twice her age. What started out as a fanciful dream of a pink school bus soon became a reality one Christmas morning, thanks to her super supportive mother. Two years ago, at the tender age of nine, Amiya Alexander founded Amiya’s Moblie Dance Academy. Whether young or old, not many people in general can say that they’ve been the CEO or President of a company, but Alexander has been running her business with an impressive amount of brainpower, inventiveness, and overall integrity.

Aside from the obvious feel-good benefits of shaking your groove thang, dancing also counteracts the obesity epidemic that continues to spread throughtout the nation like wildfire. Eager to reverse the staggering statistics of obese children, Alexander travels through the inner-city of Detroit in her school bus-turned dance studio, offering a variety of classes at lower rates than most dance studios.

Not only is Alexander providing younger children with a positive activity that promotes creativity and boosts self-esteem, but she has also quickly become a role model to the same students that she instructs each week. In addition to pliés and tutting, Amiya’s Mobile Dance Academy also teaches youngsters the importance of excelling academically and giving back to their communities.

Now, jeté to her website HERE for much more information about the Dance Academy and Alexander herself. You can even donate money to the Academy and, if you reside in Detroit, submit an application for your own little Judith Jamison in training. Recently, Alexander and her dance school were even featured on The Today Show and CBS Nightly News. Check out the promotional video below to learn more about the dream behind Amiya’s Mobile Dance Academy and how YOU can get involved:

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5 Responses to BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Rockstar of the Week

  1. I first want to thank God for blessing me with such an intelligent and talented little girl. I thank you Mrs. Patrice Peck for recognizing Amiya for her accomplishments. I not only purchased this bus to support my daughter Amiya, but to bless and inspire other children that they can be in charge of their destiny. Amiya is very humble in what she does and she appreciates all of her supporters. Although, Amiya has her own company she faces many challenges being a young minority entrepreneur. Again, I want to thank you all at Black Girls Rock for this acknowledgement. Amiya always mention that she and her students are “Rising Stars” and the sky is the limit for all of them.

  2. Ayana says:

    Ms. Amiya has always been a spectacular little girl. She has set goals for herself and is on her way to accomplishing each one of them. I know that she will continue to do great things and inspire tons of little girls!

  3. Freddy B Gibson says:

    It is a pleasure to work with such a wonderfully talented young lady as Amiya. At the age of 62, I am the bookkeeper for young Amiya. Not only is Amiya talented but she is one of the most respectful people that I have know (thanks to her mother). Amiya has a heart bigger than her little body. Her mind works in a way that I have yet to understand. She will challenge you to be the best that you can be with those innocent questions that make you reach way back to come up with an answer. I encourage you to continue your quest to be the Dancing Doc.

  4. Nicole Gibson says:

    You ROCK Amiya!!! Keep up the great work. Love & Blessings, Nicole

  5. Cassandra Respress says:

    Amiya, I wish you the best in whatever you do, keep your head towards the heavens and with the man above you will go places you never dreamed you would. God bless and keep you. Love you Auntie Saun

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